Sunday, May 25, 2008

i'm so angry, why??

its getting really out of hand
my anger
everything and everyone makes me mad

i don't understand it
but i think i'm having a meltdown
i don't want to go back to work after being on holiday for a week and a half
i told Rob i wish i could call in sick for the rest of my life
or retire
i wish i could have a personality transplant
i wish i was mellow and easygoing


J9 said...

You and me both, girlie!

kathryn said...

ah. . thanx hon (hug)

electroluminescence said...

awww. my poor, Kat! i'm praying for you tonight! that your stress, & anger, and tiredness would just melt away! and dissolve! you deserve wayyy better than that, friend!
i'm sorry to hear that.
but i think you should also know your "angry, angsty" posts as you call them speak to my heart...and others i'm sure. you tell it like it is.... you ARE transparent and honest..and REAL.
and somehow something you write always pierces my heart.
so thanks. :]

i hope things are shiny & new for you soon.

kathryn said...

well, my darling girl your prayers must have worked. . cuz this week was MUCH better. thank you for always being so sweet. You're very dear! i know my angst and anger is still there. . but it is not the boss of me, at the moment anyway!!! xoxoxo