Friday, April 25, 2008

want to say

i want to say something worth something
but i've really had such a dearth of sayable things lately
its a mystery to me why sometimes words flow out of me like a swollen spring river
and other times they're dried up, dessicated
and i feel so out of control in that whole process
never have been in control
and now i'm tired
and i'm in a funny mood
and its a work night
and i haven't made my lunch yet
and i should be in bed

i hope you're well?
are you?

good night

1 comment:

electroluminescence said...

i'm glad you feel the great importance of words....
you're right...we really don't realize the weight they carry. i know i don't... and i am a HUGE fan of gargantuan words... of flamboyant, vivid words.... probably too much ... i think i'm a little exaggerative and use words for their sound more than their meaning. that's something i need to work on....but it's hard! haha.

in other news. you are marvelous!