Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i think i'm a bird killer

I was heading in to work this morning, early. . . around 7:15 (well, that's early for me anyway!)
Driving along on my patented 'short cut' route for the impatient and speedy,
I made a left turn, rounded the corner and accelerated. That's when it happened.
You know how birds fly in small groups and they do that swoop, then rise thing of theirs?
Well, the front of my van met one bird still in the swoop.
I looked in my rearview and didn't see it pull up at the last minute.
I have a feeling it ended up on the grassy boulevard.
It was a plump, little robin -- harbinger of spring.
That's right, i killed spring, which is why the day started off kind of warm, then got considerably colder. . its all my fault!
I feel bad.


electroluminescence said...

oh no! that is a sad, sad tale.
i feel like if i ever hit an animal while driving i'm killing something important too.
thankfully, i haven't murdered any creatures yet!
when i was learning to drive... a squirrel once ran across the curvy, winding road... and i just kept on going because i didn't want to swerve off the road into the woods... thankfully....the squirrel was super agile and somehow escaped my tires! the driving instructor was proud that i didn't stop for the squirrel. but if i was on a normal road...there would have been some major swerving or stopping to prevent any squirrel killings.

we have ducks that live in our neighborhood..... even though we have no water nearby.
they have lived here for about 3 years.... they have baby ducklings... they disappear one by one.... probably killed by automobiles and other disastrous things.... but the surviving ones have babies... so there are ALWAYS ducks around.

i really have no idea why i'm telling you these stories.
but since i know you are as HUGE of a fan of randomness as i am...i thought you might appreciate them. :]
i love your blogarooneys to the max!


Gina said...

I almost hit a deer today... they're a bit bigger than birds.

Probably would have taken us both out.

But I'm glad I didn't... and though it is sad when we do hit things... I can't help but wonder...

Why do birdies flying so low when there's an endless sky to explore?

Gina said...

haha... my grammer is messed up!!

I meant to say:
Why are birds flying so low when there are endless skies to explore!!

(and what on earth am I doing awake at this hour.)