Monday, March 17, 2008

23rd birthday

Today is the 23rd anniversary of our twin daughters' 'birthday'.
I often feel sad on this day.
Today is new, but so far I don't feel sad.
We will never forget Keely and Fiona.
One day we will see them both at last.


emma said...

thinking about you...

Krista said...

I'm glad you don't feel sad! This is the first birthday you've commemorated with the girls both named. It is new, and I hope it feels better than in previous years - I hope you feel that some healing has occurred since their last birthday, and that you are filled with peace today!

kathryn said...

thank you both, ladies! I did feel good today. . and i think it was that the girls have their names now and we do feel incredibly peaceful about that.

We went to their grave. . Lindsay had been prior and broken the ice and removed it. I think knowing that Lindsay had gone today to 'see' her sisters and tidy their grave was really what made me misty! and thinking of what our girls look like and wondering how we'll know them when we get to Heaven?! all that. . but it was a good day.