Monday, October 08, 2007


pumpkins in the patch are so cute, i can't describe how happy i feel when i see them lying there in the earth, like they're napping. . adorable. I know this isn't quite 'normal'. . . but what constitutes 'normality' anyway? Nor can i resist gushing over cattle. I love to watch them. They seem so calm. * i don't eat beef, so i really do love them just for the way they look* Their big eyes. In the green fields, chewing slowly, so serene. I like that about them.

i made 2 pumpkin pies today. also roasted some squash with maple syrup and a bit of butter and s&p. . lots of beta carotene - yum.

feeling very thanksgivingy and fallish, despite my puzzlement with this strangely hot weather. I prefer my falls crisp and cool, thanx very much. . i want to wear corduroy. I want to bundle up. I want to walk and have rosy cheeks, see my breath turn to little clouds. I want to smell bonfires.

It is nice though not to turn on the furnace!

These days are fine and golden. So many reasons to have a full heart.


emma said...

"Find every reason you can to celebrate every small thing you can."

kathryn said...


Sherri Lavender said...

Sounds like you and I feel the same way about fall! It will be here before we know it!

Tee said...

You completely described my mixed feelings on the season/weather lately. I love autumn and I'm in the mood for everything that comes with it --- at the same time, I'm being thankful for the continued warm weather. I know when it gets chilly for an extended period of time I miss the sunshine and my body gets achey, etc.

I like how you're thankful for what *is* :)

Jonny & Julie Pollock said...

I like Autumn probably because of the Goldilock's Theory. Not too cold, not too warm, ahh just right! Plus pumpkin sound with plenty of cream, especially in those crisp mornings! Pity in Mexico it doesn't do seasons that much just blazing heat arghh!

kathryn said...

hi, everyone! yes, the fall is a lovely time, isn't it??! and i think it is definitely here with us now! we had to put the furnace on tonight. . brrr. . i couldn't get warm in the house. my nose was cold, my fingers. . my toes. . my poor Mexican friends in the blazing heat there. i know what you mean about that heat. it is so intense there. i know why siestas are so needed!