Monday, May 28, 2007

spring beauty

bleeding hearts from our garden. such beautifully interesting flowers, delicately suspended from tender vines - like fairy lanterns.
their leaves look lovely in the sunlight, shades of soothing green.

i was charmed by this saggy barn, so ramshackle and weathered. . .

this is the only covered bridge remaining in Ontario -West Montrose, heart of Mennonite farm country. Horse-drawn buggies are driven by calico dress/pinafored women & wide-brim hatted/suspendered men; giving you a nostalgically time-warped feeling.

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Tee said...

Beautiful pics and I love the imagery you created by saying the bleeding hearts looked like fairy lanterns. You got my imagination going :)

kathryn said...

Hey, Tee!!! How are you? i really think those gorgeous little flowers do look like teeny lanterns! the earth is so full of beauty. .

talk soon!

electroluminescence said...

ahhh. you & your glorious photos! your blogs are marvelous to the maxxx.
i loves them!
i really want to go to niagra falls!
so majestic! can you believe i've never been there?!
i hope you're having a stellar night.
& your grandchildren are the cutest things i've ever seen.
hahahah james sounds HILARIOUS!!! :]

Denise said...

I love old places...barns, churches...glorious.