Sunday, February 22, 2009

Most of the warriors

"Most of the warriors I know have settled down to gardening and reading the Times.

Most of the warriors I know have unsaddled their stallions and built fences in their backyard.

Most of the warriors I know have died before their times and are forgotten,

save in the memory of their sons and the dreams they seldom share;

finally content to stare at people without passion."

source unknown by me. .

*this speaks to me on a couple of levels. .
1. as a human on this earth - thinking of how easy it is to be selfish, not
truly caring about what happens beyond my small circles.
2. as a person has lost faith in 'church',in myself and i guess even in God?
I love him, but I seem to have lost my fire, my feeling that i can be a


Gina: said...

Every day you wake up and promise to commit to your marriage... you are a warrior.

Every day you say a prayer or encourage someone you love... you are a warrior.

Every day you let go of your past and embrace the woman you are today... you are a warrior.

Every day you thank God- instead of focusing in on negativities of life... you are a warrior.

This battle is between God and Satan... every day you lift someone up, say no to temptation, let go of words that were said against you, or give God credit for another day of life you are fighting the One who wants to bring you down.

And if occasionally you lose a battle, know you have other warriors beside you- fighting on your behalf.

kathryn said...

Gi, thanks for making me cry! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I take your words to heart and see things differently. xo

Gina: said...

I'm prayin, friend. Thank you for your kind words!! You have been an encouragement to me when I've needed it. I pray that God helps you see that... and helps you through this dry spell so you can see what an incredible woman you truly are.

Take care, friend.

emma said...

Love Gina's words too, thanks for those! the quote speaks to me on several levels too, mostly about not settling down for less than what God is calling me to. I might not (definately dont) know how it really looks yet, but I cant settle... though for at least an hour on most days i want to.

Electroluminescence. said...

me too ... me too me too!! :]

i love love your blogs! your last two before this one made me LAUGH!