Sunday, August 24, 2008

on being an emotional creature

its like this. .
feelings run the show for me
i don't always like it
but i can't seem to escape it
they ARE the boss of me!

feelings are bossy things.
they're not very rational
they're fiercely strong
sometimes completely out of control
dragging me along underneath
stinging, smarting and paining
sometimes they fly on notion and impulse
and i hold on for the ride

if they could be embodied, there are days i would hug, kiss and thank them
and days i could scold, smack and even drop kick them.
they take me off course, they waylay and even strand me
they bring me to wonderful emotional places i never want to leave
but they can just as easily leave me in flat desolation and take off without me
and i wonder when they'll come back and make me feel like me again?

1 comment:

Gina said...

Feelings confuse me.
Some days I want to blame hormones, other days I know I can't. There are days when I know what I feel is not what I should because the feelings themselves are mangled in the broken mess that is me.

You seem to have an understanding of this.