Thursday, January 10, 2008

coyote. . .

random thought. . . ..

The Roadrunner always annoyed me.
I rooted for the coyote.
He had some good ideas!
How come he never tried them more than once?


electroluminescence said...

you are brilliant.
in my opinion, i always thought the roadrunner AND the coyote were rather annoying.
but i admire them both because they are both so unrelentless. i want to be that way.
i felt remorse for the coyote because he never gave up....but the roadrunner always won!
and he was so smug about it too.
poor coyote.

kathryn said...

stupid smug roadrunner!!! meep meep my #@$! *oops, slipped!*

Dale said...

I thought the whole coyote and roadrunner cartoons were dumb. That's just me. In some ways it's like the old Charlie Brown kicking the football routine. You just know that Lucy is always going to pull it away and he'll never be successful. It's funny the first time or two, but then it gets old quick.

kathryn said...

yeah, predictable. . true. ah the old cartoon formulas. . always the same thing - but i kept tuning in!! Its great to hear from you, Dale!!

Dale said...

It's good to be heard from! I've been praying for you and your family, Kat.

J9 said...

Sorry, guys, the Roadrunner is just one of those classic cartoons from my childhood! I never get tired of it!