Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i love mincemeat

yeah, i love mincemeat
all by itself,
no pastry
a little bit heated in a bowl
little scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt
spicy and jammy. . with that clean vanilla flavour mellowing in

i love fruitcake with marzipan
same flavour hits with this treat
dark, rich cake with delicious dried fruit
almond flowery-tasting marzipan bringing that
clovey cake into perfect balance.
i could write a whole post about marzipan. . its that wonderful
the combination of these two elements, .... magic

I love the traditional, steamed Christmas pudding with real whipping cream
mmm. . mmmmmm -- moist, studded with fruit and nuts and permeated by those full, earthy spices - cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg
i love to make these glorious things, but they're a bit labour intensive
so i've given up
i'm sad that its come to this.
they remind me of my Nana, who made fantastic ones -- in fact, she made fantastic everything (except perhaps gravy)

This declaration of my admiration for fine, beautiful and fruity flavours is brought to you by me, food enthusiast and connoisseur of the three most generally unpopular Christmas time flavours. So, here's to marzipan fruit cake, Christmas pudding and mincemeat! hip hip, hooray!! 'Hip hip' all right if i don't watch my portions!


Jonny & Julie Pollock said...

My dream dessert is mincemeat filled crispy filo pastry with homemade ice cream.....mmmm. I have cheffed now for nearly 10 years and I detest that I have the inability to bake or make cakes. I must really apply myself more. Happy Christmassing! I love how recipies remind you of people.....

kathryn said...

stop it, you're making me drool!!! phyllo? i never thought of using that. . well, now i'll have to try that. . cuz its nice and light and less heavy than other kinds of pastry. . homemade ice cream?! ooh la la! give baking a try! You can do it! Thanx for the Christmas wishes! I'm wishing you a Happy Christmas too!!! recipes and food. . such reminders of past events, people. . wonderful!

J9 said...

I'm not sure about mincemeat on it's own, but I've always had a soft spot for my Grandma's mincemeat tarts!

supersimbo said...

ooh goodness i was drooling as i read the post Kat!! haha

kathryn said...

Janine!!! yeah, mincemeat tarts are so delicious. .mmmmm

kathryn said...

haha! made you drool, bud! i have a jar in my fridge right now!!!!! (of mincemeat, that is!)

kathryn said...

Jonny! i didn't pick up on that in your comment. . the word 'cheffed'. . . but Ally told me you were a wonderful chef! and now as i read this, i see! I'm not too dense, eh?! ha ha! so i take it you're not a pastry chef then?! ha ha!!!