Thursday, July 12, 2007

jiffy post. .

i don't think i've ever posted anything in 5 minutes? here goes. . .

my lawn looks like straw. its full of chipmunk holes. i have neglected my gardens, the perennials are doing their thing and i have planted no annuals. yes, i am ashamed.

I am working once more. i'm so glad to be back at it. . i feel like i have my life back. i'm a productive member of society again. i enjoy the interaction in the office, though its been a bit tough re-acclimating to the physical demands of work, of working out, of doing more in general. I wish someone would wave a magic wand over my spine and fix it all the way. i hate having this condition. . it sux. the simplest things are still challenging. I always have to be so careful about how i move, or how i position myself, how long i do something, i always have to think of ways to minimize aggravation, all my physio instructions, my occupational therapy instructions. . . I have to keep my posture and alignment just so, or i feel jabby reminders. i may be fooling myself in thinking i will be productive for another 20 years. But i can only live in the present and for the present i can do this. i don't want to get thrown into the 'unuseful pile'.

my granddaughter wants to be a princess till the day she dies. she loves my sparkly powder. she always wants to read stories. my grandson is still divergent in his interests, such a cool kid! his love for Elvis does not diminish. They both have cast their spell over me. . Nana is such a sucker for her grandchildren. LOVE THEM! In a blink i will have another grandchild to love. Already i love the idea of this little person. . and i can see the little 'bump' now!

i can't believe my daughters are adults -- both in their 20s. . . both such awesome women. Wow. . . . . . turn around and they're tiny. . . turn around and they're grown. . its not just a cliche, its truth. parenthood changes and the way you view yourself as a parent changes as your children grow.

we had an intense, little storm earlier this evening. storms are amazing. . . fascinating to watch. not so great to drive in!!!

i love spending time with my husband. . 30 years together, this month!!! can it really be that long????!!! how have 3 decades gone by already??!!!!! I'm so glad i went to camp that summer. To think, i had no intention of going!!!


Tee said...

Your relationship with your husband is an inspiration :) I love how much you guys love each other.

As for yards/gardens etc - mine have been terribly neglected this year, mostly because everything that needs to be done costs $$$. Oh well. There's more important things in life I suppose, but it stresses me out nevertheless.

BTW, just wanted to let you know I'm having a blog contest again.

The prize this time is a kid's prize pack including 3 computer games. (For the grandkids perhaps?)

Good luck if you decide to enter!

kathryn said...

Hi, hon! i think you and in inspire each other in various ways. . yes? i am so glad i met my husband. . .he is the BEST! We were destined to be together. . for which i am so grateful to God.

i hear you about the cost of lawn improvements. . blech. . i hate the way everything costs so much!!!!

Ooh, i'll check out your contest! You have the most exciting blog!!!!!! xoxo kat

p.s. how's the fam?! have you moved already?

J9 said...

Hey! Add me as a friend on Facebook! I'd do it myself, but you have your settings set in such a way that I can't do it!

kathryn said...

i'll add you J9!!! i guess i went a bit overboard with the privacy settings?!!